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SUNGZU Solar Power Station 2500W

SUNGZU Solar Power Station 2500W

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SUNGZU Solar Power Station 2500W
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    • Product Name: SUNGZU Solar Power Station 2500W
    • Item NO.: 11847536
    • Weight: 39 kg = 85.9803 lb = 1375.6845 oz
    • Category: Solar Power Station
    • Creation Time: 2022-03-09

Customer Reviews



Wanted this as emergency power. Our powers been going out more frequently and for longer periods of time. I have a smaller unit are used to power my router and charge my electronics. I wanted something to run my refrigerator.
Testing: house approximately 70°, a full-size refrigerator, freezer full, fridge not so much..
After running: 6hrs - 80%, 12hrs - 60% Based on my 12 hour test I think it would easily power my fridge for 24 hours


Inverter is great. Handles 1000 watt tea maker. 1200 insta pot with ease.


We bought 2 for home because we live in the PNW and Lise power quite often. When power is out we plug the frig into 1 and keep the other one mobile around the house. Loved it so much got my nephew one as he begins vanlife as a pro disc golfer. He loves it too! He tested it with instapot and cooked his chicken and rice meal with only 13% battery consumption


This is expensive, sure. But you get what you pay for. And if you are smart, you’ll set it up to run a small part of your house or charging units. It will chip away at the cost with an ROI. Highly recommend this product for sure!!


I've been using this about 5 months to power various items around my house during certain hours of the day when I'm charged more for electricity. Outside of those times I charge it from solar. It's performed well, no issues.
You get a lot of storage for the price, and an inverter that's powerful enough to handle most kitchen appliances like coffee makers, microwaves, and toaster ovens. The inverter is efficient too, it is also very simple to use.
One downside is it's slow to charge from fully depleted to 100% full. However, I generally keep it between 75%-25% so for me this isn't a big issue. The wall charger only inputs around 220Watts., and solar input maxes out around 45V. This means it can only accept 1 or 2 of my 100w (20V) panels in series. But I can parallel more into my setup as needed. I ran a 2 x 2 x 2 panel setup (three sets of two 100W panels in series all going into a parallel adapter) and am able to push around 450 Watts into the charger on a sunny day.
Another downside is it doesn't use a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, so it won't get as many charge cycles as a other power stations that use them (its rated at 1000 cycles to 70%). But if you keep the charge between 75-25% like I do, you can likely double that.


I love everything about the bluetti what I dislike was you could barely see the LED screen in sunlight


I had a small solar battery many years ago, it did little and wasn't strong enough to do much. I bought this because I didn't want to get a gas generator, too noisy, couldn't lift it to move it and had to maintain it. I am very happy with it so far. I did some testing of it, and everything worked great. I am thrilled that I can use my microwave, power my fridge for a time, and most importantly make tea and keep my router going! I have solar panels, and I tested them inside a window, and they even did okay there (and they are made for outside)! The only thing I would do differently is waterproof them. I would be using them in snow and rain, most likely, but someone posted a great solution-put together a stand with plastic pipe. That will solve the issue of a wet ground to put them on. I think this is the future, where solar is used more and more. I am very happy with this unit so far, and have recommended it already to family and friends.


Works great and will power my house lighting and fans. I don't have any 220v, No furnace or AC. Also will runs all for 12hrs.Longer if I turn off TV. Still need to get solar panels mounted. I didn't think it was noisey charging. If you charge from the wall, the power suppy has a small fan in it. But, I want to charge it from solar. I still haven't hear the fan in the unit come on. The most I have pulled from it at one time was 700 watts.


I like that it's very easy to use and it's kinda low tech on its screen. I am older, meaning it's nice for me to use vs. other brands. It's also a good size for a large solar generator.


Easy to use, works well, charges a lot. I love it!!!


This is a no frills battery that does the basics very well. Lots of energy storage (2500+ watt-hrs), lots of power, 110v/220v outlets. For my purposes (emergency back/up power at home when we lose power), it is a great fit. It can run any of my home appliances including window AC. The wheels and extendable handle make it very portable despite its weight. All in all, I am very pleased with the product.


Everything arrived quickly and well packaged. We charged it up with house current the first time as instructed then began running anything we could find to plug in. It ran a small 1200 watt heater on high for 45 minutes and it took it down to 60%. Pretty decent for a small unit. We charged it on a semi cloudy day and it took about 8 hours so not too bad there either. All in all its going to meet our needs that range from camping to emergencies if needed.


It works great. Tried it with my RV and was amazed at it capabilities. Everyone should have one for camping and emergency preparedness.


So far so good. It is very heavy, so the wheels are great.


I was a little concerned that the unit might not have the power I needed. I own a vending machine business and I have a storage unit with no power for broken machines. I wasn't sure about the solar powered units but am thrilled with the Sungzu. Ran it for 4 hours working on several machines and it barely used 4%-5% of the power. I would highly recommend this unit in particular based on portability, power, and fair price.


I love the solar panels they are easy to work with big LED screen easy to see sets up in minutes great product.

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