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SUNGZU Solar Power Station 1000W

SUNGZU Solar Power Station 1000W

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SUNGZU Solar Power Station 1000W
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    • Product Name: SUNGZU Solar Power Station 1000W
    • Item NO.: 11440434
    • Weight: 16 kg = 35.2740 lb = 564.3834 oz
    • Category: Solar Power Station
    • Creation Time: 2022-03-03

Customer Reviews



We tested it on all our small appliances ( toaster, coffee pot, and microwave 900w, and my hair dryer, curling iron) With plenty of power to spare. It will run anything in our camper


What makes me choose Sungzu is the night light and the smart LED screen. It's designed to be more personal than most products on the market. In fact, it did not disappoint me. I love it!


Not only is it of great value for your money but the portability allows me to use it most anywhere for camping or Temporary outage of electricity it has come in handy and has given me great service


Just started using solar for the first time 3 months ago and bought the 500 & solar panel package. All my power needs are to be a easy carryall portable system so the light weight and foldable solar panels fit that need perfectly. A solar system only takes 1/4th the storage area vs a gas gen & gas can which is a huge benefit when camping out of a conversion van. The 500 is all the power I really need for my weekend outings, but now spoiled on the size, weight, and virtually no maintenance that comes with going solar vs gas generators. I sold my Honda 2000w portable gas generator and bought this Sungzu 1000 & duel solar panel package for home use power outages backup system as well as getting power to my upper backyard gazebo. And keeping my small 1000w gas gen just in case I need to charge the Sungzu in a power outage on the few cloudy days we have here in Southern California.


The product arrived in good condition. The power station looked very nice. Charge it for about 3 hours or more and try with small AC appliance and it worked. Left it off for a week and the battery indicator still showed fully charged. I bought it for emergency use for the winter days when there is power outage. This winter will definitely be cold and possibly more power outage than normal. I think my neighbours would be jealous if they see us having power n the house if there i power outage in my area.


Use it for camping. I can run my CPAP with the humidifier and heat set at 80 degrees all night and use about 55% of the available power. It charges up using the solar panels in about 8-10 hours. A review said it was very quiet but with the power draw of the CPAP the internal cooling fan comes on every 20 minutes or so depending on the ambient temp. The cooling fan sounds like a moderately noisy cooling fan; not extremely loud but not quiet either. I got used to it after a night or two and it didn't wake me up after that. The solar panels are kind of bendy flimsy and a little clumsy to manipulate. The Velcro that attaches the supports is surprisingly strong and can be a bit of a battle to get them released. Perhaps like most Velcro, repeated use will wear down their holding power. It's frustrating to release one support and then while struggling to get the second one released the first one swings back and reattaches itself to the panel. All in all the unit does what it is supposed to do. A good solution when the sun shines.


I happened on the smaller model as I'm a full time RV'er. Showed it to my son after some research he upped me to the 1000. Day 1 I ran my single serve coffee, high watts 800 while heating the water but you don't use all day so that short burst only took me down to 96% Charged all of my electronics, laptop phone etc. Ran my desktop computer and TV for a couple of hours, then the TV and dvd player for several hours more in the evening. Brought it down to 55% then in the morning another cup of coffee. Went out about 6:30 and set up both panels 2:30 100% again! I have to add I live in the deserst so lots of sun. A week ago before I got this it was cold and windy for 2 days and I ran my generator about 6 hours each day. Cost me almost half of a tank of gas. Now I can do most everything but the heater and it costs nothing (bought a propane heater) problem solved. This is going to give me the freedom to travel more as now I save gas no generator. FYI I'm handicapped and its light and easy for me to manage so 2 thumbs up! Only ding, I wish the cables to the solor panels were longer. My son set the unit up on a shelf in my RV to make plugging things in easy for me, I'm able to place panels outside easy enough but as the sun moves and shadows fall I have to keep moving panels and a bit longer cord would have allowed me to lay them flat in one space all day.


I purchased this because we are prone to tornadoes and ice storms knocking out the power in our area. Having a handicapped child at home it’s nice to be able to keep some lights and Wi-Fi up so they can watch cartoons or their favorite shows. Simple things like that mean a lot to a family when everybody’s happy. I did a lot of research and it continuously pointed back to Jackery . I am 110% satisfied not only with The product, but with the customer service I received when they give me a discount because of a special deal they were running. They reached out to me promptly and had an open line of communication. I’ve researched them all and this is the best one I have found. I have now talked to several people who are interested also after playing with mine. Keep up the good work!


After researching every option, manufactures as well as reading reviews and watching videos we purchased the Sungzu 1000 power station. I wanted to have a solar unit on our camping trips as well as for possible emergencies at home as a quiet and reliable back up to our gas generator. The Sungzu arrived with a 40% charge out of the box. I read the directions and set up the panels on my balcony facing the sun the next morning. It is a very easy set-up. I turned the panels as the sun moved across the sky to optimize the rays hitting the surface of the panels as directly as possible about every 15-20 minutes. We're in Southern California and it was a clear December day. With both panels connected I was pulling in about 135 watts to the SUNGZU. By early evening, an hour before sunset the 1000 was fully charged. I'm going to get an additional 1000 to use while one is charging as a backup while running our 12V fridge. The Sungzu seems to be the best option until new technology arrives.


This product so far has been a great! It helps keep my mind at ease when losing power during the winter months


I was able to run a saw, vacuum cleaner and lights with this. System is well built. I recommend this!


I got this generator for the Travel Trailer and wanted to check it out. So I charged the new unit yesterday, then today brewed coffee with our 10 cup coffee pot. The brewer said 900W on the bottom, so I tried it out. The fan ran on the generator and it used between 796 and 850 watts while brewing it took the pot about 10 minutes to brew the full 10 cups. The generator said it went from 100% charged to 87% charged and then to keep the coffee warm it used 8w. I'm very happy that now I can have brewed coffee when we camp.


Really like the portability of the device and haven't had any real issues. This would have received a five star but the maximum power output that panels have been able to generate is 130W combined. Because it comes with -100W panels, which are nice and portable, I would expect these panels to produce closer to 200W in full sun.


This is exactly what I was looking for in a portable power station. Long lasting and portable. Primary use for me is around the house. To get power outside without long extension cords, and, of course, during power outages. Living in an area with frequent thunderstorms and tornado watches, the 1000 watts gives us what we need to get through the outages.


So I bought this since I live in an area that has frequent power outages and I needed something that I could use throughout the night for my cpap machine. I have to have the humidifier on full blast and a heated hose so I draw some current. I used it this last weekend for 9.5 hours straight on the machine and this battery still had juice left. Well worth the money. This thing made no noise throughout the night and I only hear the fans turn on once it initially starts up. This is a fairly heavy battery pack, not as bad as a car battery, but the handles make it very comfortable and natural to carry. Overall very satisfied with this battery pack.


My wife and I wanted something we could easily charge and use both in times of need and while camping and this has fit the bill perfectly for both!

First, the generator itself is really easy to carry around and isn't too big and bulky. The inputs on it are diverse, it has plenty of options for plugging different devices in. It also has an input for charging via wall outlet or via DC port in your car, for example, and comes with the cords required for that. It also has a port for plugging in the solar panels.

Second, the solar panels are amazing. I thought they were going to be much heavier, but they're easy to maneuver and bring along. The magnetic closure feels nice and you can tell these solar panels are well constructed. They have fold-out stands on the back, as well as a bag attached for storing cords, which is a really smart design feature, as they've been used. Charging via the included solar panels is easy and painless.

Overall, charging it is easy. And taking it camping was really helpful. We used it to power a low-watt coffee maker and a small fan. So, for camping, I highly recommend it. It's great to have as a backup and I can see it's usefulness for overlanding. Where it's shined for me in particular was yesterday at our house, when we lost power while I was working. I work from home and need internet access. I plugged our router/WiFi into the Sungzu and plugged in my laptop and it powered both, so I could continue to work, for 4 hours without breaking a sweat. By the end, I had only used about 5% of the battery. This thing has been a useful tool and I have no regrets getting it.


Took Sungzu battery camping for a 4 day weekend that turned into 10 days due to vehicle failure! I was so happy to have brought it because it charged phone multiple times, ran fan in heat wave, watched TV on tablet which was also charged more than once! It ran our MP3 player & speakers also recharging cpl times. This battery also recharged 3 lanterns and a headlamp during stormy weather because they were solar and the Sun was definitely not shining while it raged for two days. AND there was still enough juice for a jump once we got parts! Saved another on my wish list too. Very happy


This unit is better than I imagined . It even runs a pizza oven at approximately 1300 watts draw flawlessly . Also a water kettle that runs in a range of 989- 1250! No problem. I tested a whole array of electrical equipment . Heaters at low work well. Enough heat and blow to be worthwhile . Max level of 1500 shuts down after a few seconds .
A ceramic induction hot plate . Does not work on most settings BUT on heat milk setting will boil a pot of water in three minutes .


I take this solar/generator array into the mountains camping. I am completely off the grid and this set up allows me to charge my laptop, cell phone, and run my c-pap all night without any issues. It took 6 hours to charge from 0% to 74% using two double solar panels. The physical design allows for me to run a cable through the handles and lock it all with a cable lock to my truck while I am away from camp. Also you can charge the unit from any AC outlet before using it so you start out fully charged. It does not come with any documentation about possible adapters to use for energizing/charging other devices such as 12volt batteries directly from solar array.


All good, except the solar panels as I didn't realize that they aren't waterproof....

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