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X-Cruise Electric Scooter
US$ 674.25 ~ US$ 899.00
Reviews (39)
  • A****C
    I bought one for me and one for my husband to get out and enjoy the outdoors more. We have tons of paved trails in our area and it does really well. It goes up to 15 mph on flat surfaces and the big tires handle dirt and small gravel without much issue. The charge is fine and we love that we can just fold them up and throw them in our car to take them somewhere else. I would definitely recommend at least trying one of these out, totally worth the money. I haven't tried them out in the dark, but there is also a small light feature on the front. Oh! and the kickstand is a plus when you need to take a break and get water or whatever.
  • M****s
    his is a great scooter. i purchased it for my 11 year old daughter. the greatest thing is that it can be ridden in the rain.
  • D****w
    It is just amazing, has no trouble going up hills, and goes really fast. The look and feel of it is amazing. The setup is a little hard, took around an hour to get the brake hooked up.(It comes semi assembled) The range is what you'd expect, the charging is really fast. Overall really amazing for the price!
  • An****en
    Working 2.5 miles from home, I chose to purchase this bike as it allows for cutting traffic.
  • W****n
    I work 3 miles from my home, this scooter has saved me THOUSANDS of dollars on gas an insurance, it is light and very fast charging, and it goes the perfect speed! 10/10 would recommend to anyone who lives close to their job and can’t or don’t want to get a car.
  • K****n
    I've been riding this scooter for about a month now. Overall, a great scooter for the price. Pros: lightweight, foldable, easy to handle. Cons: no shocks (so your legs absorb the impact)
  • Pa****se
    This is an excellent first scooter. I use it to commute to work, which is around 6 miles away in a huge city. I like the independence and convenience of riding a scooter.
  • Ja****er
    I actually love my scooter. I never would have thought I would get such a great product. It’s super-fast and the battery life is awesome
  • Wi****rd
    My son loves this scooter and it goes pretty fast so he is happy
  • R****i
    Received as an early Christmas gift. I ride to and from work each day about a mile each way.
  • Jo****rn
    I purchased this for my 13-year-old son as a Christmas gift. He absolutely loves it! My parents live close by, with the headlight feature he loves to ride his scooter at night to their house.
  • M****s
    Rides really smoothly, no ragrets. It is kinda heavy though if you fold it up and want to carry it.
  • Lo****ts
    I adore my scooter. I was hesitant to use one for short commutes, but it works perfectly.
  • Ed****en
    I bought this around 4 months ago. My city is a little small so this was perfect for going on. I get tons of stuff on it. I showed it to my friends and one has ordered his last week. I go on morning commutes on this thing. If you're new to e-scooting. This will be the best first time scooter for you.
  • Re****on
    Great Product
  • c****.
    So far so good. Was a gift for son. Works for a big company where he has to ride shuttle from car to work building. Didn’t like waiting for shuttle and enjoys the scooter. Smooth and quick ride! Time will tell how it holds up. Much bigger than I expected but he seems happy with it.
  • An****so
    Took this scooter everywhere. I drove over dirt, sand, water, glass, rocks and even hit speed bumps at 15 mph and this scooter stands up very well. I’m very impressed.
  • D****.
    Great scooter, you can move forward with little effort. Easy to use and easy to
    carry. The scooter looks good and stable. The processing is great. I can definitely recommend the scooter!
  • Ha****er
    My daughter and I love. We take it everywhere. Fold them up put them in the trunk and head to the park and ride them all day.
  • M****a
    Had it for about a month now and no problems what so ever, take 7 yr old son with me on it and he loves it! We've added some accessories to make it our own, now I've gotta get him one he says. Lol get a job boy!

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